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August 2010

Turf Selvedge is a proposal for park infrastructure at the East River State Park in Williamsburg, New York City, that can serve as a outdoor concert venue in for the summer Jelly NYC concert series, as well as as a multi-functional lounge, path, retail, and seating element throughout the year. Taking the lo-fi road to indie fantasy, the proposal plays of the notion of selvedge -- the edge of a fabric that is woven to avoid fraying -- though its use of common, low-cost materials around the periphery of the site in order to give the park cohesion. This takes the form of a site-responsive, undulating wood decking, similar to skate ramp typologies, in combination with synthetic grass variants to produce a multiplicity of programmatic spaces with maximum efficiency. The effect is akin to an inverse theater in the round, transforming from play zone, to boardwalk, to concert venue, while the center remains an untouched void, serving traditional park functions and providing an open space. The thickened periphery acts as a continuous "stage" upon which every interaction is a performance to be seen.

Team: Adrian Yim, Jonathan Crisman