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Processing Music

/ May 2010

Waveform Diagram Waveform Diagram
Genres and Music Samples Genres and Music Samples
Output: Hip Hop Output: Hip Hop
Output: Country Output: Country
Output: Techno Output: Techno
Output: Rock Output: Rock
Output: Jazz Output: Jazz


Processing Music is an exploration into the overlap between architecture, design scripting, the Processing programming environment, and music.

Using the Minim plug-in with Processing, a beat analysis returned a set of data that was then translated into architectural form. Specifically, various frequencies of beats were translated into shear walls in either direction, as well as floor plates, which resulted in a curious grammar of varigated room densities and floor heights. Additionally, the frequence waveform was captured at each floor level, lofting into a facade that reads as more "spiky" in a song of high intensity or more undulating with a song of lesser intensity.